Tuesday, 13 January 2015

FINAL: Ethics and Safety Considerations

Part of this module is to consider both health and safety, as well as ethical considerations as part of my work. My considerations for both are as follows;

Staying safe during this project was easier than other projects based on the fact I only had to look after my equipment and myself. During the evening, when I was shooting my alternative portraits, and also in the dense woodland and dark car parks, I always made sure I had a friend or family member with me to make sure I was safe. I did three photo shoots that involved models during my initial research, and gained model release forms from each model and make up artist. I told the models before each shoot what the shoot would entail and how it would be used so that there were no nasty surprises after they had been photographed. I also made sure before each shoot that the land that I was using was not private land or closed off to the public so that I could not face any criminal prosecution, police trouble or fines.


For my future project, I will have to take into consideration that I will be working with models, make up artists, hair stylists, lighting assistants and the possibility of animals during the shoot. This will mean that I will have to produce model release forms from all involved, as well as complete risk assessments and make sure that the models involved do not have allergies if animals are used. I need to make sure that the locations being used have been paid for in advanced or are public land. To keep everyone safe, as well as my equipment, I will need to ensure that I do not go out in the dark, or in dangerous locations.


Here is my completed risk assessment for the module.

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