Friday, 9 January 2015

RESEARCH: Carl Warner

Carl Warners work is both mentally and creatively stimulating and inspires me to take my food photography so much further in my final major project module. His image are beautifully photographed and edited, and remind me of common fairytales scenes that look good enough to eat. Although his work is out of my Photoshop skills zone, I plan to develop them over the course of the next few weeks using tutorials online as well as knowledge of fellow photographers. My Photoshop skills have developed so much over this module, but i plan to extend them further to produce beautifully shot and edited image for my final piece. All of his images are shot individually and then composed together in one singular image. I plan to take inspiration from his work in my next module, when I produce my final images for my final exhibition. I plan to pay more attention to detail, including the food I am going to use, the outfits my models will be wearing including their hair and make up, and the location being used. 

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