Sunday, 4 January 2015

RESEARCH: Stephanie Salo

I began to look into the work of Stephanie Salo who is a food photographer, and the way she photographs and edits food for advertisements and food editorials. I have taken inspiration from her to look further into how food is sold, when it is made of the same ingredients. I was told by Speedy to look into consumerism within children and how they will want something, especially if it is inspired by something that they love. 

I have been recently reading Snow White and watched the newly adapted film Snow White and the Huntsmen, and have been drawing quotes from them to include in my research. One of the quotes reads "it's apple pies that makes the menfolks' mouths water!", referring to the old witch talking to Snow White. I have taken inspiration from this quote and decided to do some food photography inspired by Salo to see if it would be better incorporated into an advertisement with text. I plan to use quotes from fairytales as text in the advertisement to make it seem more appealing and fill the idea of consumerism in both adults and children.

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