Friday, 2 January 2015

SHOOT: Self Portraits #3

This was the last experiment of self portraiture that I have produced, and was based on the idea of Hansel and Gretel being left in the forest by their parents. I planned to use children for this, but was not sure if the experiment would work and taking two small children into a wooded area in the deep snow was unsafe and difficult to gain permission for from parents. I decided to run this experiment with myself and my fiancĂ©, to make sure that it worked and I was happy with the result. The meaning behind this image is looking into the loneliness of the two children, and how really they were left to starve in the woodland by their own parents. The breadcrumbs represent the trail left by the children as they were led into the forest, and the two bodies represent the death of the two children when they run out of food and means of getting it. I was not happy with this experiment, both because of the lighting as well as how it was executed. I shot this image in two and edited them together to create a panoramic shaped image including the two models. The lighting was not very strong for this image, and the image looks dim and dark, as well as dirty. The previous image of me led on the floor with the apple replicating the concept of Snow White was taken in the same location but on a brighter, sunnier day, and I much prefer the lighting. This image looks 'dirty' and badly edited, and I don't think represents the quality of my work to date, nor the idea perfectly. I will continue to experiment with this idea in the next module, as I love the concept, just not the way it turned out.

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