Tuesday, 13 January 2015

FINAL: Evaluation

When I began this module, I had a fairly clear idea of how I wanted it to go and what I wanted to photograph. However, during the course of the module, my interests turned into the exploration of alternative portraiture and food photography; two types of photography I wish to combine in my future photographic research for my final major project.  Although, to me, this module has felt disjointed in terms of my experimentation and blog work, it has inspired me to have a firm idea for my next module that brings all the experimentation together in one inspired series. I plan to research into more advertisement photographers and artists, as well as read more into the history of fairytales and where they originated from, as well as further underlying issues relating to consumption of food and drink within them. Although my idea of creating advertisements for supermarkets did not make me happy, I plan to create images suitable for advertisement and media, but without the text. I feel that this would make me work better as a photographer, as I have an aim and standard I need to reach.

My budget will need to be constantly monitored and will vary from the version I have posted on my blog. I understand that printing costs, framing costs and the overall cost of the exhibition will vary because prices from now and the summer could change. Also, I cannot account for the change in ideas and need for props needed during my photo shoot for the next module. The line between what I want to produce and what I can actually afford is also an issue but this can be addressed nearer the time when I have a firm idea of my financial situation. I feel that this blog is a strong piece of work for my reflection, full of inspired experimental projects, relevant research and ideas about budget costs and ideas for exhibitions. However, I have now learned what experimentation and lighting techniques worked, and what did not, which is helpful when producing my final series of work.

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