Sunday, 11 January 2015

SHOOT: Studio Products #2

The first food I photographed with my lighting set up was bread to represent the breadcrumbs left as a trail by Hansel and Gretel. I decided to experiment with using more expensive bread, which was a crusty bread from the posher range at Morrisons (way out of my student budget for a normal day!). I used a macro lens to get closer to the bread, so that I could see all the crumbs left behind to emphasise what it is representing. I think he lighting set up really worked, because not only does it look appetising and professional, but it represents the darker side of the fairytale (about the children being abandoned by their own parents). The quote I plan to use as the text for this advertisement is: 

I took two shots of the cake, as I wasn't sure which one I preferred. I bought the nicest looking cake from the shop down the road to represent what Little Red Riding Hood took to her sick grandmother in the cottage in the middle of the forest. I took the first shot on a clean wooden board, and then the next one I broke off a bit of the cake and sprinkled it on the side. I have seen advertisements, especially by M&S, where they have used crumbs and sauces to make something look more appetising. I am going to run a poll on my social media accounts and ask people their opinions as to which looks more appealing and like an advertisement, so I have the view of the public who would normally be viewing the advertisements. The quote I will be using for this shot is:

For the story of Hansel and Gretel where they find the edible house in the middle of the forest and meet their fate of being kidnapped by the wicket witch, I used jelly beans and other sweets to represent this. Last time, I used a pile of jellybeans and various other nice looking sweets, and I attempted to recreate this using the current lighting set up. However, the shadow was so large that it looked odd. I then decided to use a singluar jellybeans, which worked exceptionally well, as it created a feeling of loneliness which represents the story perfectly. I took many photographs, but chose these two because of the long shadow that has been cast from the jellybean and the low light. I have been heavily inspired by the work of Ernie Buttom for this shot, where he photographed some cereal standing alone. It gives me the sense of loneliness that Hansel and Gretel will have experienced when they were left in the forest.

This image is represented by Hansel and Gretel and the gingerbread house that they find in the forest. I originally photographed pieces of gingerbread but wanted to show the comparison between gingerbread and the isolation of the gingerbread man. I find that the dark lighting isolates the subject and makes it appear lonely and singled out.

The shooting of apple pie was the first idea when constructing these advertisement concepts. I began by shooting this with the darker lighting but I felt that the layout and angle of the lighting in correspondence with the flatness of the pie and apples. Based on the fact the pie didn't have volume, I  decided to shoot this with another light to the left and one from above, all working as slaves to my camera. I felt like this worked so much better but does not fit in my final experimentation advertisement, although I am not too concerned. 

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