Wednesday, 31 December 2014

SHOOT: Self Portraits #2

Following from my initial exploration into self portraits, I decided to take advantage of the current weather conditions and shoot some more portraits relating to fairytales. I took inspiration from two fairytales - Snow White and Hansel and Gretal.

This image was inspired by Snow White and how she was poisoned by the wicked Queen disguised as an old woman. My original concept for day was to produce a variety of images relating to get topic but with a model. However, the model cancelled on me last minute and without time to find another one, I had to improvise and use myself. With the help of a tripod, and self timer, I took this shot of me led on the snowy ground, with the apple next to me. This image represents how the fairytale could have ended, if Snow White ways to know the apple was poisoned. I have taken a bite out of the apple, but keeping it a secret that it has not been swallowed. I think the lighting and editing techniques have worked well here, I used a red overlay at opacity 50% to give red tint as homage to the colour of the apple. I think this worked really well as it brought out the red in the apple as well as the red in my hair.

This image is inspired by Hansel and Gretal and how they were left in the forest to fend for themselves. Hansel and Gretal is a classic fairytale with a more prominent dark side, where the parents who cannot afford their children, send them off into the woodland and abandon them. I remember my parents use to threaten me with the threat of Hansel and Gretel's fate when I was naughty as a child, and is still used today on my younger sister. The setting and weather was quite bleak, but also mystical because of the snow on the trees and ground. I wanted to give the viewer a search to find me crouching in the trees, which would have been the same for Hansel and Gretal trying to find a place to sleep or something to eat. I edited to image to have 50% desaturation, which did not make a huge amount of difference to the largely grey image.

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