Sunday, 14 December 2014


Today was the first lecture which looked at the briefing and outlines for the module, as well as expectations and when we were expected to be in! This is the start of my final major project, so its quite terrifying as it's super close to the end! The module aims at helping us develop a plan and "an appreciation of investigative strategies", by researching photographers and artists and developing a plan for our work.

I have had an idea since my first year, but a time has never arose for me to execute it. I have never produced a series of work for my University studies that truly represents me and my style of photography. I plan to look into my favourite children's books that I used to read on a regular basis, and still read to my nine year old sister. I plan to develop my knowledge on these books and the hidden meanings within the text, as well as present the darker side of fairytales and children's books.

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