Saturday, 20 December 2014

SHOOT: Hedgehogs

I decided to plan a simple fashion shoot in the studio. something I am used to in my normal practice, but making sure I pay attention to detail to make the shoot the best it can be. I realised in my research that I need to pay more attention to small details within a photo shoot so it represents my brief perfectly and fits all the criteria. Here, I wanted to create a whimsical fairytale fashion photo shoot, to experiment with the concepts I have in mind and decided whether this is something I would like to concentrate on for my Final Major Project.

I hired a small pygmy hedgehog for the shoot, and used my good friend Kelly as a model. I did not want to hire a model as they can sometimes be unreliable and, on this occasion, could not pass the opportunity to use animals as part of my shoot. I think the photographs came out really well. I made sure the hair and make up matched my theme, and made sure everything was in place whilst I was shooting. In the past, I have shot a whole series of images and realised at the end the make up was too shiny or that the hair was out of place. At this shoot, I made a connection between my camera and my laptop to provide my assistant with a live feed, so errors could be noticed and corrected.

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