Tuesday, 16 December 2014

SHOOT: Woodland Location

I did a photo shoot with my friend Kelly, testing out locations for my final piece. I collaborated with my friend who is a fashion designer, who made the clothing based on the forest and the woodland locations around her house. I wanted a location that was perfect to represent the theme, so I chose this decayed woodland area. I plan to use this location again, I am aiming to wait until it snows and try and shoot here to get the fairytale whimsical feel. I was heavily inspired by Kilian Schönberger for the use of location and weather. I made sure it was a cloudy day so it wouldn't look summery, and used a silver reflector to give the skin a cold glow (if that makes sense?!) In post-production, I didn't do an awful lot of editing, the only thing I did do was lower the desaturation like Schönberger, to give it an eerie and mellow feel.

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