Sunday, 21 December 2014

REFLECTION: Presentation & Further Ideas/Research

After looking into studio portraiture and understand how I need to put more thought and process into my image. I have decided to experiment with two different paths of experimentation, one being product photography of food and props that are used in fairytales, as well as the pathway of experimental lighting within portraiture. I have been looking into the work of Gregory Crewdson a lot over the past few weeks and have fallen in love with the idea of "dressing the set" and preparing dramatic lighting for a shoot. I think it will broaden my knowledge of lighting outside of the studio. 

For my action plan, I have come up with some initial ideas for both.

I had the idea to experiment with product photography when looking at a fellow students work during the Professional Frameworks module. I did not want to have to solely rely on models (who off the internet can be unreliable) over the Christmas period as students have deadlines and a lot of people have to work extra hours to fit demand or spend time with family. Therefore, I have decided to expand my knowledge of product photography. I have been researching into a number of product photographers who work in the industry to learn more about lighting techniques and what sort of lighting they use. I plan to conduct a number of studio and outdoor shoots depending on weather and if I can access a studio over the Christmas period. If not, I am hoping it snows to get the fairytale weather conditions to produce these product images. The food that I will be photographing will all be based on food included in children's fairytales, I plan to use a red apple to represent Snow White, gingerbread and bread crumbs to represent  Hansel and Gretal and a pumpkin to represent Cinderella.

As experimentation for this action plan, I plan to experiment with different colour backgrounds and locations, as well as using body parts with the food. I understand now I will have to research into advertisement food photographers and understand studio lighting for food photography more.

Experimental Portraits
I have always been the photographer to take editorial styled images in the studio or on location that would look good published in a high fashion magazine, therefore, I want to experiment with taking alternative portraits for this module. I want to take eerie images of people over the Christmas period, taking advantage of the possible weather conditions that could arise (such as dense fog and snow). I think these are all good weather conditions that could look good and compliment the theme of fairytale.

I plan to use the inspiration of Kyle Thompson (research to follow), as his self portraiture work is inspirational and well thought out. They all represent problems in his life and how he can overcome them and strive forwards in life. They all represent problems in his life and how he can overcome them and strive forwards in life. I want to take inspiration from some of his work he produced in the woodlands to influence my style of photography, I plan to research this in the next post.

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