Sunday, 28 December 2014

SHOOT: Self Portraits #1

It snowed over the weekend so straight after work on Sunday afternoon I decided to head straight over to a woodland area to take some self portraits using artificial lighting. I am planning to take my experimental portraits later on this week with the food items I have chosen, so it is a perfect time to practice and see what lighting works best. Below is a behind the scenes shot of my fiancé setting up and image whilst I stood in as the subject. I wanted to make sure that the shutter speed, ISO and aperture settings were correct as the snow was melting every time I sat down.

We started shooting at 7pm which is quite late as the sun had completely disappeared! We began by using car headlights and a reflector to create a harsh but golden glow on the subject. We soon realised that using full beam headlights was too harsh and we needed to turn them down. The outcome (shown below) is using side beam headlights and a silver reflector. I am really impressed with this images as it is my first time trying self portraits as well as artificial lightning outdoors. Although it was freezing and I have a cold body, it was well worth the end result. I am heavily inspired by Gregory Crewdson in this image for the use of heavy but creative lighting, and now understand that using lighting outdoors can be greatly beneficial to my photographic work. I decided to edit this photograph in black and white to benefit the mysterious lighting, and use a cinematic crop as homage to televised fairy tales.

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