Friday, 19 December 2014

RESEARCH: Margarita Kareva

This work inspired me the moment I saw it because of two things; the animals involved and the snow overlay in the background. I have already worked on my Photoshop skills by using a snow overlay over the top of the some of my personal images, but the use of animals really makes this feel like a fairytale. I have been reading into one of my favourite children's books which was about a hedgehog who had lost its Mum, kind of like a fairytale of Finding Nemo but with hedgehogs. I want to incorporate hedgehogs in my next experimentation as they are a personal fairytale creature of mine. I have been inspired so much by this series of work that I plan to experiment further with this if my next series is strong and exciting enough, and use other wild animals to produce editorial images I could submit to a magazine.

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