Tuesday, 23 December 2014

RESEARCH: Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson is a surreal portrait photographer from Illinois, he describes his practice as surreal, conceptual self-portraits, spanning out into alternative portraiture. I have taken inspiration from two of his images in order to develop my own portraiture work for this module. He is completely self-taught, skipping college to choose travelling around the USA in his car.

The first image is my favourite image of Kyle’s is this photograph shown below. His head coming from the puddle looks so surreal and out of the ordinary, but reveals a lot about Thompson’s personality and his photographic approach. I am inspired so much by his work and how he represents his thoughts and feeling through imagery. I am also inspired greatly by the second image, although not a self-portrait, it has inspired me through use of location and how the lighting has created an eerie effect and is kind of captivating. The mood set in this image is quite hazy and unclear, which is a contrast to the technical aspect of his photographs, which are technically perfect. He work has inspired to capture the extra ordinary, whether it be people hidden within piles of mud, floating among reeds and water or surrounding by blazing fire, I plan to use Kyle Thompson as my main inspiration for the portrait pathway of my experimentation, as he has clearly shown that anything is possible with a creative mind!

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