Wednesday, 31 December 2014

RESEARCH: Annie Leibovitz

I looked at the work of Annie Leibovitz with awe and enthusiasm, her work, both technically and creatively, is stunning and breathtaking. I looked at her work from the Disney advertisements she did that included celebrities replicating popular children's fairy tales. From a child point of view, these are magical images that make them want to visit the place that these advertisements are pushing - Disneyland. Consumerism in children can be uncontrolled, as children sometimes have no grasp of money or how much things cost in retrospect to adults wages. Many adults know that Disneyland is an expensive place to visit, especially as a family with children. Disney knows this - and plays on the fact that if children see images like this, filled with role models dressed as knights in shining armour and gorgeous princesses, they will want to go to the place where "dreams come true". The use of celebrities in these advertisements are the thing that I am interested in. If Disney can use celebrity and fairytale references in their advertisement, then it gives me the idea of using fairytale encouragement and hints to relate back to the Disney Empire in my food photography. My studio images came out well, so I plan to edit them in the form of advertisements to see what result that produces.

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