Thursday, 18 December 2014

SHOOT: Woodland Location (Photoshop Layers)

I was looking at the work of Annie Leibovitz and realised that I would need to improve upon my Photoshop skills if I was to make some surreal work that would match my brief. I took these photographs of a model wearing some pieces from my friends clothing collection, again, I paid great attention to detail whilst shooting to make sure that the garments were fitted correctly and that the hair and make up was perfect at all times. I decided to in post production to add an overlay of some snow flakes. I then used the healing brush set to clear to get rid of the overlay from the models face and body, to make her more clear. I enjoyed being able to improve my Photoshop skills, and using my Bamboo tablet more on my laptop. I definitely need to improve my skills over the course of the next year for the industry when I graduate.

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